Front end developer vs Back end developer in details

Front end and Back end are some of the most discussed terms among the people who are new in programming and in the web industry. These are the two underlying parts of software engineering that play a remarkable role in the development of a website or web application. Front-end developers and back-end developers are distinct from one another. They are like two sides of one coin. Front-end development is related to the client-side which is often called web design. The front end is what users see and interact with. It is the graphical part of a website. On the other hand, web development is related to the server-side. The back end is the part that a user can’t see or interact with. It works with database, logic, and algorithm to make the website take action when a button is pressed. The two terms are vital for web development as the function of a website depends on each as both units interacting with each other. We will go through Front End Developer Vs Back End Developer below. But first, have a clear view of two different types of developers.

Front End Developer

Front-end developers are those who work for the client side. They work for the part of the website that users can easily see and interact with. It involves everything that a user or client can see, touch, or experience. Front-end developers focus on a graphical user interface, colorful images, flashy buttons, and navigation menu. Web designers generally do the work of front-end development and they work for a better user experience. They try to make a website look more attractive with catchy designs and tries to give users or clients a better experience as possible. The role of web designers has dramatically over the years as new technology related to the front end arrives almost every single day. This field may be updated every single day but some technologies that are required to learn to be a front-end developer are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Graphics Design.

Back End Developer

Back-end developers are those who work for the server-side. This is the part that determines how the site works, updates, and changes. Back-end developers work with the part that a user can’t see or interact with directly. Primarily, everything that happens behind the scenes can be attributed to back-end web development. Back-end developers work with APIs, creating databases and connecting databases with websites, creating libraries, adding utilities to websites, and many more. All of this work involves programming languages, algorithms, logic, and sometimes the use of math if needed. They spend more time figuring out solutions to problems and work with logic. Back-end functionality runs on the server side but communicates with the front end to ensure everything is working fine. The technologies related to the back end don’t change so often. If someone wants to become a backend developer he/she should have a grasp of some of the technologies such as PHP, Node.js, Perl, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc.

Now we will go through Front End Developer Vs Back End Developer below.

Front End Developer

  1. Front end developer works for the client-side.
  2. They work with everything related to the visual aspects of a website.
  3. They focus on the part of the website users can see and interact with.
  4. Technologies required for frontend developer is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back End Developer

  1. Back-end developers work for the server-side.
  2. They work with a web server that communicates and serves requests that the front end presents.
  3. It is the central unit or brain of a website that is never visible to the users or clients.
  4. The essentials of backend development include PHP, Python, Perl, Java, Node.js, Ruby on rails, etc.

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