show the difference between web designer and web developer

Show the Difference between web designer, web developer and web programmer

Difference between a web designer, web developer, and web programmer

Often people get confused about the three words, web design, web development, and web programming. These three may sound familiar but they actually hold a different meaning. We will discuss the difference between a web designer, web developer, and web programmer below.

Web Designer

Web Design is related to the graphical part of a website. Activities related to design include the UI, UX. How a web page should look, how to make a page user-friendly, and focuses on the visual experience of the user. A Web designer focuses on the following points.

  1. Focus on user experience and user interaction of a website. Designers try their best to provide a smooth and flexible user experience (UX) for the users visiting the page.
  2.  Focus on the user’s visual experience. Designers try to make the site visually more attractive. They try to provide users with a better graphical experience when users are scrolling pages, swiping through images, pressing buttons, and many more.

A Web Designer or Designers mainly focuses on the visual side of a website. A web designer should know UX/UI, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and graphic design.

Web Programmer

Web programming is related to coding and writing markup. Both web designers and web developers are called web programmers. Web programming can be for both the client-side and server-side.

Web designers who code for the client-side to make dynamic web pages are called front-end web programmers. On the other hand, web developers who work to build the backend of websites or web applications are also called web programmers. So, designers and developers who code to build the front end and backend of a website or web application are both called web programmers.

Web Developer

Web development is related to creating websites, web applications, database development, and software development. They handle the technical or logical part of a website. Web developers focus on the back end of a website or web application. They use programming languages to write software to make websites live. Web Developers focuses following points:

  1. Focus on creating the back end of a website. Developers take web design from the design agency and write complicated code and algorithms to create a live and interactive website. Developers create websites, web applications, and web software for pc, smartphones, and other devices.
  2.  Focus on programming and algorithms so that whenever the user wants some information they can get the exact one. They use different kinds of programming languages, algorithms, and other technical and mathematical skills to develop the back end of a website. They also store information in the database and connect the database with the website or application so that users can easily get access to information instantly through searching.
  3. Focus on creating a better search engine so users can have a better experience when they search for information or other staff on a website.

A web developer should know any of the following programming languages:

  1. PHP
  2. Node.js
  3. Perl
  4. Java
  5. Python
  7. Ruby on Rails

If a developer knows two or more languages from above and develops websites using them then he/she may get an advantage in the marketplace.

Difference between a web designer, web developer, and web programmer in terms of Company or Agency

Web design companies should be specialized in designing a user-friendly and attractive website. On the other hand, web development companies should be experts in creating interactive websites and web applications. So often web design companies claim that they can also develop websites. As same for development companies or agencies, they claim they can also design dynamic and static websites. As a result, it becomes confusing for someone to understand where to design and develop a website.

Web Development companies create websites, web applications, software, database for the back end and connect them with each other. They focus more on the technical part and less on the design part if any. While Web design companies focus on designing a website. They create a better user experience and user interface. Design companies also have vast knowledge about programming but are not experts in creating apps for websites. So it is better to know the difference between a web designer, web developer, and web programmer and their agencies in order to take service from them. So, I hope I have been able to clear the difference between a web designer, web developer, and web programmer. If the above information has helped you understand the topic then please support us. Thank you for visiting the page.

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